My Trip to SK & J No 6 (Fukuoka)

Fukuoka! OK... so I have returned to Malta.. been back for two weeks already and only got chance to sit and write about my pop-over of 4 days to Japan now. Leaving Busan early morning on Monday 16th April - being picked up by taxi at 5.00am as I had to check in for the... Continue Reading →


My Trip to SK & J No. 5

My Trip to Sk & J No. 5 I am currently riding the Shinkansen back to Fukuoka after a couple of fantastic days in Kyoto. I will get to Fukuoka & Kyoto later as I still have to describe my week in Busan. Busan! The second largest city, after Seoul, in South Korea. A fantastic... Continue Reading →

My daily Travels – to work (dramatised)

Its the crack of dawn, the sun shyly creeping up over the horizon almost apologetically, and with reason! How dare dawn come so soon! The alarm buzzes away and temptation to hit snooze is at its most deadly.. Yet I tumble out of bed and stagger toward the kitchen. An espresso later, ah the aroma,... Continue Reading →

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