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Hat trick!

The Winning Image


The winning image in the recent Cisk Rugby Competition organised by the MIPP in conjunction with our local beer Cisk during the Malta vs Croatis Rugby match at Hibs Ground in Paola!

The idea was to capture fans celebrating while displaying the Cisk logo in a prominent manner!

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Why I always seem to favour iStockPhoto to other stock sites

There are quite a few microstock websites up and running on the world wide web and I have uploaded to quite a number of these too. However I always find myself thinking of and working with iStockPhoto in mind when preparing photos for stock.

Apart from it being the first stock site I came across, thanks to my eldest sister, I find it is user friendly and a great community to go as well!

However, apart from the above there are little things that happen there once in a while that just makes you want to smile….

Point in case:

I recently had an image accepted to the iStock site and got a small note attached to the acceptance notice by the inspector. A short and sweet note with no frills

‘Nice image :)’

Thank you Inspector, whoever you are… really appreciate the comment.

Below is the image I refer to….

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