Insensitive Traffic Wardens

I can’t really believe this.. The nurse who comes every morning to help take care of our 96yr old Grandmum was tellng me today about how hard it is for them – that is nurses visiting private homes to help care for and administer medication to those in need – to find parking. Since they use their private cars the government will not give them special passes to ease their parking problems and the wardens, totally out of touch and one-track minded, don’t think they deserve such as ‘they are not doing anything special’.

‘They are not doing anything special’

Are they crazy? Not doing anything special? Hah… Helping care for the elderly and easing the burden, since, let’s be honest now, it is a burden on those who have to take care of their ageing parents that suffer from incontinence, dimentia and myriad of other conditions! So these nurses who come over and help care for our grandmums and granddads are most certainly doing something very special – for everyone, us kids as well as our parents and grandparents – travel in their own cars, at their own expense and to top it all get fined for their work!

The wardens at least really need to brush up their act in this regard!


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