Why I always seem to favour iStockPhoto to other stock sites

There are quite a few microstock websites up and running on the world wide web and I have uploaded to quite a number of these too. However I always find myself thinking of and working with iStockPhoto in mind when preparing photos for stock.

Apart from it being the first stock site I came across, thanks to my eldest sister, I find it is user friendly and a great community to go as well!

However, apart from the above there are little things that happen there once in a while that just makes you want to smile….

Point in case:

I recently had an image accepted to the iStock site and got a small note attached to the acceptance notice by the inspector. A short and sweet note with no frills

‘Nice image :)’

Thank you Inspector, whoever you are… really appreciate the comment.

Below is the image I refer to….

check my iStock Portfolio


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