MIPP Photowalks – Bahrija, December 2011

The MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photographers) is a local organisation that organises events, talks and courses for photographers and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Although the Institute has ‘Professional’ in its title it is open to anyone who has an interest in photography, be it simply a hobby, someone who does it for fun and a bit of pocket money thrown in too or those whose livelihood depends on photography. The aim is to share experiences and knowledge and help aspiring artists to improve.

It also acts as good stepping stone in networking and socialising with others who have similar hobbies and interests. And one monthly event organised by the MIPP to this effect is the MIPP Photowalks.

And they are just that…. lots of walking and lots of photography!

A different venue, area, town or whatever is chosen each month and whoever wishes to join may do so by just showing up on time – normally 9.00am – at the designated meeting spot. And then… walk! We walk around chatting about this that and the other though photography tends to dominate the theme and well it should! What else would a group of people who all love photography, who all have  photographic equipment with them (some with beauties of technological design), who are, after all, meeting up for a photowalk, talk about?

Our recent walk was set in Bahrija and the beautiful countryside around. What a walk it was too.

Below are a selection of images I managed to get while enjoying a good walk and a good chat with others..



Some panoramas may be found for purchase from my iStock Portfolio..
Click here to see the current Bahrija Collection


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