My iStock Statistics update

Its either nothing or two posts in one day! Well, as my Dad is in hospital undergoing an Angioplasty operation I have been entailed to ‘Nanna-sit’. Nanna-sitting is similar to babysitting but with a frail 93 year old Grandma which takes on a bit of a different hue. Especially if she decides to regail me with her beautiful rendition of: Di Tutto me ne fischio..

Aaand that gives me time to sit down and put finger to keyboard, as it were!

Back to the title… iStock and stats for my portfolio there!

I have been uploading photos for inspection and hopefully acceptnce to iStock since late 2008. Actually I only had 2 images accepted in 2008 I think. Since then my portfolio boasts a healthy number of 505 images for sale (45 of which are under the ‘Editorial’ licence). From those 505 images I have had 309 sales (downloads) and 1391 5+ positive ratings. My acceptance rate is slowly creeping towards the golden 50% at which point I will be eligable to apply for exclusivity with iStock.

Just a quick side note about what exclusivity means: I would be uploading and selling images solely through iStock – all my beautiful and stunning images would only be available from iStock! yep… but it also means better royalty rates and exposure.

Apart from the numbers given above my portfolio has also attracted 187176 individual views and images have been included in 335 different lightboxes.

Number crunching was never my thing but lets have a look:

  • 505 images online.
  • 1st Image to go online in October 2008 – a total of 39 months and counting.
  • That works out at almost 13 images added per month.
  • 187176 total views which works out at 370 views per image
  • 309 sales giving me a sales/image ratio of 0.612
  • Highest number of images to be accepted in 1 month was 52 images in August this year
  • Lowest number accepted would be 1 image only in February 2009
  • Highest number of views for an individual image is 2232 for this file, which also has the highest number of downloads, currently standing at 14.

My portfolio can be found here: Lupideloop on


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