Ode to beauty lost

A while back I had started writing something which had been pressing on my mind for a long time. Various formats, phrases, words and what not had flitted through my mind but never quite solidified into anything. A year or so it took until last month I sat down and started off the first few... Continue Reading →


The Truth

"The truth is like a prism through which the light shines, but the patterns it creates can distract and confuse" Mary Horlorck. The Book of Lies. Thanks to a good friend of mine who posted this to her wall on Facebook Somethime its amazing how a simple quote like the one above can describe a... Continue Reading →


Photoshop, the dark room of modern day digital photography is a tool indispensable to any photographer. While I admit the true and talented photographer should manage to capture the image intended at the time of shooting there still would be the minimum amount of cleaning up and adjusting required. And Photoshop offers the perfect tool... Continue Reading →

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