Starry Nights

Its been quite a hectic few days this past week. The worst of which being Tuesday due to some badly booked events at work which caused chaos for all concerned.

Well, yesterday evening was the first time I managed to get to sit down and sort of exhale a breadth in leisure. It was about 11.00pm and I decided to sit down and enjoy the cool night air for a while out on the verandah which overlooks Iklin Valley. From this vantage point I can see as far as Gudja on a good day and at night there is a wide expanse of twinkling lights.

Tonight was no exception. A beautiful array of twinkling lights regaled me, the air was cool and there was a slight breeze, just enough to blow any pesky mosquito off track, and there was also a wonderful sky full of stars. Star gazing is defintely much better and more rewarding than navel gazing believe me and I did a good bit of star gazing last night.

The photo below doesn’t quite do the sky justice but you can get the idea… better still go out at night and do a bit of star gazing yourself. 🙂

Oh, well while I was playing around I also tried a bokeh shot.. you know, the effect of the out-of-focus areas in an image. Bokeh can produce some wonderful and

Bokeh all on ist own and in its colourful glory

pleasing results, but bokeh on its own is something very very different. Its not easy to get a shot that would be interesting and catchy that is bokeh alone and nothing but bokeh.

Check this out and tell me what you think:


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