Abstract Photography

A post I have just uploaded to my other blog – Mike’s Photo Blog – which is attached to my website.

Photography is a beautiful art which I see as using film or digital sensor as the canvas and light as the medium used to create the image. In its most basic essence photography is the art of capturing the world in all its authenticity. Yet photography can go further by choosing unique angles of view, creative composition and, yes, post processing.

Using light, using lines and the patterns or ‘story’ they create to lead the eye of the viewer to a particular subject within the image, or having an image with many stories running concurrently and in unison – something which is very hard to achieve successfully.

One particular genre which can be very challenging but also provide much satisfaction when the result is successful. However abstract photography as a genre has quite a vague or maybe a too general all-encompassing definition.

What exactly can be considered abstract photography?

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