The Truth

“The truth is like a prism through which the light shines, but the patterns it creates can distract and confuse” Mary Horlorck. The Book of Lies.

Thanks to a good friend of mine who posted this to her wall on Facebook

Somethime its amazing how a simple quote like the one above can describe a situation, a concept, a feeling, emotion, or anything that effects us humans in the world.

Truth.. The Truth!
Ah, what a word!

In this day of easy access to information through the web, mobile apps, tablets, written literature, texts, television, radio and heck a multitude of other ways that we satiate our need for information, news, facts and gossip it is hard to tell what is the actual truth backed by hard facts and what is simply hearsay or twisted details tainted by someone’s bias, perception or allegiance.

There are bloggers (like myself I suppose), online news websites, written material – well all the stuff I have mentioned already and probably more – that fill our world with opinions and information. Oftentimes in complete contraditction of one another. Add the comment boards that many online sites provide and the confusion of what is actually the truth increases tenfold.

The quote above puts it so simply yet still provides leeway for interpretation. My take on it is that as light is defracted through a prism giving you a rainbow of coulours so is truth – difracted by bias and perception to provide a multitude of variations which would be considered as truth by one but twisted by another.

Interesting food for thought this.

Truth in its pure form is like white light, yet humans see the defracted light/truth due to their percpetions and bias in life.


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