Ode to beauty lost

A while back I had started writing something which had been pressing on my mind for a long time. Various formats, phrases, words and what not had flitted through my mind but never quite solidified into anything. A year or so it took until last month I sat down and started off the first few words only to get stuck after a few lines.

It sat there for sometime until I picked it up and added a bit more. Though the words were flitting in and out of my conciousness – some pharses, some words being those which had first shot through my mind a year ago, others were evolutions of a phrase I no longer remember in its entirety.

This start/stop/think/write process lasted about a month and finally I think I have a final product.

The result may be found here – Ode to Beauty lost

Comments, critique or anything you want to say about this is are welcome.


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