Monthly Archives: February 2013


I’m sitting at a Cafe just inside Valletta. There is a stream of people walking in and out of the city and a building site (the new Parliament building) near by but sounds are all subdued and hushed as if they have sensed my tranquil mood and don’t want to disturb. The sun is flitting in and out from behind fast moving clouds high in the blue sky and a gentle but fresh breeze wafts occasionally to remind us all that it is still February.

This is my current scene after spending the morning with a group of fellow photographers of MIPP doing some abstract architecture photography.

Peace and tranquillity in the chaos of Saturday morning in the city!

Can you feel it too?


Colourless rainbows

For the past few days, or maybe the past week we have had very diverse weather with wind, sun and rain all intermingling and with temperatures swaying from 5°c to 14°c. Dressing up correctly in order not to be caught out in a sudden downpour and get soaked can be a conundrum.

At times we have experienced all three elements in one day and sun and rain normally gives us a beautiful rainbow to admire. However, and I looked, I couldn’t find any rainbows.

With all this talk of ‘qerda‘ that some are trying hard to make us believe – telling us their sob story while enjoying the luxuries of life – maybe Nature too has started to beilieve and is trying to be economical with the colours?