Are you out of your mind?

In a couple of days time Malta and Gozo go to to polls. We all are heading towards a crossroad (since Joseph Muscat seems to be so enamoured with roadmaps) and the direction which the country takes depends entirely on the outcome.

One thing that everyone must remember is that his/her vote will effect the whole country and generations to come, not just him or herself!

The labour camp are preaching a change of direction and many people seem to be falling for this rhetoric without looking around them and appreciating what they have….

Are you out of your mind?

Read this…
Scroll down to the Country Profiler section (page no. 53) and read that article. Read it all and tell me…. Why on earth would anyone want to change direction from that?

There are many other examples of why one should not change direction… the yearly recording breaking statistics in Tourism, the respect and praise heaped on Malta by leaders of countries with a much larger economy, the fact that, despite the fiscal turmoil the world over, Malta is on of the few nations in the Eurozone that has not gone under.

One of Labour’s recent Billboard campaigns used young successful people – people who have made a life and career for themselves thanks to the strong economic base and massive improvements in the Education system that the current Nationalist Government policies have brought about. These people in themselves are a massive endorsement of these policies.

And you want a change from that?


Look around you everyone… I don’t need to put everything here – it is around you all the time, everyday just open your eyes to the truth of the matter. Malta is in good shape and a change of direction will only harm Malta and destroy all the good that has been done, albeit sometimes painfully at times and with errors.

Why on earth do you want to change direction from what has proven to be so successful?

Think about it, think hard and think to the future. Malta does not need a change of direction, it needs a consolidation of all the good that has been done and a continuation of the direction we have been following.

I for one will be voting for continuation, for consolidation, for peace of mind that my future and that of the future generations of Maltese and Gozitans is in the competent and safe hands of Dr Gonzi and his team.


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