Welcome to the City of ‘Monti’

Headlines on today’s Times of Malta:

Sunday Monti hawkers want a better home too
Traders expect equal treatment as the daily market sellers

Oh hell, ain’t that wonderful. So, after having given the entrance of our capital city, and the public space which was created for the public underneath the new Parliament Buildings – a masterpiece by Renzo Piano, now we are going to have the Sunday Market installed bang infront of our Capital City again.

Our dear government, who is there to supposedly protect the future of our lives, country, history, culture, prosperity and all that. Protect us as a whole, as one country, one nation, one population – and such was their election pledge, wasn’t it? Isn’t that what they said with their ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’?.
Not that we needed any genius brains to work out that it was simply just that – a slogan. No meaning, no depth to it except that it looked like a cool and hip slogan that would attract the fools.

So, these guys decided, made a pact would be more apt, behind our backs and without any public consultation, while they were still in the opposition (read that as ‘vote-buying’), with the Monti Hawkers and promised to move them back to the entrance of Valletta – our gem of a city.

The obvious had to happen didn’t it.. Now the Sunday Hawkers want a piece of the cake also.

After all the hard work done by the previous administration to clean up and improve the image of our Capital city, at the same time re-igniting the almost defunct social life of the city, it is being thrown to the dogs again.

Anyone arriving in Valletta will, instead of being able to appreciate the majestic buildings and glorious history of one of the most beautiful walled cities ever built, have to fend off numerous hawkers hell-bent on selling their wares.

Scare the people off again chaps… well done!

And to add insult to injury:
Come on… give us someone who has the credentials for this job and actually cares and understands what V18 stands for.


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