Why would I vote for you?

Valletta has, over the past years, seen some major projects aimed at restoring much of what is old and beautiful. Another massive project is the new parliament building and the upgrading of its surroundings. This project has been victim of Malta’s unfortunate propensity to squabble over everything and anything simply on the grounds of colour (that refers to red or blue – politics – not black or white). Its childish and very silly attitude that many suffer from here in Malta, possibly due to the extreme polarity of politics here. Anyway, after some false starts the project finally got under way – and I for one am looking forward to seeing it completed. It is a beautiful piece of work which compliments and blends well with the majestic bastions.

Recently an news article appeared in The Times of Malta regarding a part of the project which involved the Ditch just below the bastions as you enter Valletta. The original Piano plan was to give this to the public by turning it into a garden. For the public by the public! A perfect and complimentary plan to the current works under way which would also embellish Valletta’s image.

The article was reporting that the current government was planning to do away with this garden and turn the ditch into yet another car park!

More concrete, more asphalt, more fumes!

Why do away with plans for greenery and recreational areas for the public just to appease some lazy sods who couldn’t be bothered to either:
a) find parking outside their comfort zone of a few meters from their destination
b) use public transport and have to do a bit more walking then normal

It is truly worrying that a government who claimed to be a green government, a government who cared about the environment during the run up to elections in March of 2013 are now considering to cancel garden plans in favour of a car park!

Isn’t there enough parking space already? Take the multistory car park just in front of the Phoenicia Hotel, the carpark next to Belt Is-Sebh, the smaller car parks down near The Excelsior and beneath the bastions opposite, parking all along the ring road. There is even a massive car park just outside Floriana. So why do we need yet another car park if not to simply promote the laziness of most Maltese?

No… a car park certainly cannot be considered for the Valletta Ditch.. ‘From the people, for the people’ must mean something that everyone can enjoy and take pleasure in and not become yet another fume and grit trap to further damage peoples’s health and the majestic bastions themselves.

Embellish and make Valletta the proudest walled city of the world

So why would I vote for you?

It is not the ever present ‘We will increase employment’ or ‘We will re-invigorate the economy’ or such like pledges. These are staple requirements of any government. If they don’t take care of the economy, make sure employment opportunities are available and generally keep the shop running then they should never be in office at all.

The difference comes with such projects that gives something back to the people in way of lifestyle – improving one’s lot and creating an atmosphere in society that leads to serenity and peace of mind.

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