Is war justified?

The current situation in the Middle East, mainly in Syria & Iraq, has spiralled beyond anyone’s controlled -almost. As we hear news of large swaths of land in both war ravaged Syria and also Iraq being gobbled up by the IS fighters I can’t help but draw a parallel with the evil forces that ravaged Middle Earth in Tolkien’s classic tale – The Lord of the Rings.

In both we see hordes of seemingly unstoppable warriors swoop down on innocent communities and gobbling them up in their headlong rush. The result in the Middle East is that of hundreds of thousands of people, Kurds, Christians & Syrians alike have fled from the advancing IS forces while those who were not so lucky and are now living under IS rule witness constant violence and fear.

After mass executions, beheadings and persecution of many innocent people the world is finally trying to respond the the threat. The US has already launched air strikes with 5 Arab States participating or supporting the strikes. The UK has just voted in favour of British involvement in the strikes against the IS while other EU nations are preparing their own response.

That other Arab nations have joined the fray against the IS is an important factor however the question remains – Is force, war, justified?

Something has to be done. The world cannot sit back and watch while the IS slaughter and terrorise their way across the Mid East. Yet is using force to counter terror justifiable, is war and all the anguish that is causes the right way to go about it? No matter what actions are taken, be they peacefully or military the IS and those who sympathise with it (and surprisingly enough – or not? you choose – there are sympathisers among the western world) will always find a way and a reason to attack the western world. And any hint of weakness from the forces of the west will only embolden the IS further.

Yet is it possible to justify violence with the cause? The crusades rediscovered?


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