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Illegal billboards now used by hunters – timesofmalta.com

Illegal billboards now used by hunters – timesofmalta.com

Further proof as to why we cannot give the Hunters any more fuel for their arrogance.


‘If You Vote Yes’ – by Ramona Depares

A very good article which points out some extremely valid arguments as to why we should all vote and all vote NO. Written by Ramona Depares for the Times of Malta..

If you vote yes

It’s useless pretending most of the voting population gives a flying duck, or quail as it were, about the upcoming spring hunting referendum. The hunters do, of course. As for the rest, it’s a very small minority of people who care enough about ecological balance, environmental issues and the rest of it. So in some years’ time there won’t be any birds for us to enjoy, for the hunters will have blasted them into extinction. Big whoop. Most of today’s voters won’t be here anyway.

This is why those of us who are pushing the ‘No’ vote are having such a hard time mobilising the masses. There is nothing to make the blood of the majority boil, unlike with divorce, same sex marriage or even EU membership. And this is why many people have told me they will decide on the day how they will be voting, if at all. The reason? “This does not affect our lives, who cares?”

Read the full article here – http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20150316/blogs/if-you-vote-yes.560149