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House Hunting

Do those two words, when put together as in the title, instill happy feelings or fear and foreboding?

I am currently in the process, albeit still in the early stages, of searching for my own place.

That’s quite late in life you may say and indeed it is but such is my situation and all the reasons that have conspired to bring me to this are not the subject of this post so I won’t bore you with the pedantry of the past.

So, house hunting I have begun. 

At first it was merely wishful thinking, which is not very helpful to be honest but at least set the grounds on what I would like, and browsing properties on estate agency websites. While this is all well and good it can also be rather challenging and misleading. There are hundreds of possibles which can all lead to confusion. So, unless you have something specific in mind and a good balance in the bank this approach will never lead to anything concrete.

However, if you don’t, having someone in the know and in the property business giving you a helping hand is a massive plus.

I have been lucky to find a chap who has the patience to listen to my confused ideas and who has the expertise to convert those ideas into something tangible.

Ideas which we spent close to two or more hours discussing at his office one early spring morning.

Since that chat we have visited some sites, mostly still on plan with construction work just starting out and one, so far, finished and lived in. The last, the lived in, is a big help in trying to envisage what those still being built would look like. 

Pouring over the architect’s plans is one thing but trying to visualise the finished product is not easy.

Five properties viewed so far with three eliminated almost immediately. Two of the first viewed are still on the cards but we are planning to view quite a few more…

In the meantime confusion abounds.


Aimless wanderings after work always end up here

When unsure of what to do or where to go…

And to top that off a stomach that groans after a long day at work…

I always seem to find myself gravitating to the same place.

Strangely enough though I never actually go directly, always trying to talk myself out of it despite the fact that I enjoy the place no end every time I go.

So, subconsciously or not, I devise a walking route around the area that takes me past the establishment a number of times until I would have built up my appetite or worn out my shoes.

And then, suddenly as if an afterthought, I charge in and take up my favorite spot, that is just in front of the chef’s counter, where I can watch the guy create his culinary art.

I always seem to go for the same fair, some nigiri and a few pieces of sashimi. However lately I tried the kimchi – which, although spicey enough to pop your guts and clear that nasal congestion that you weren’t suffering from, is surprisingly good – washed down with some Soju and miso soup.

The chef hands the dishes directly to me which adds a touch of familiarity which is rather pleasant.

I always leave the place well served, well filled and well satisfied, albeit a touch more out of pocket then I can really afford.

Mind you, it is money well spent.

I refer to, by the way, the Korean/Japanese restaurant in Paceville by the name of Club Sushi.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Angry Diamonds

Easy isn’t it

Just say yes

And you’re done!

From there on you’re helpless

What seems good for one

Is very bad for some.



Though you cannot see them

There are vultures out there

listen to me I say

Stay on your guard and be aware

Don’t be taken in by the play

Keep them all at bay.



And remember this

Never let your guard down

It is easy to be distracted

The truth not always shown

A play of deceit enacted

And soon your shield is retracted.




Hidden away no more

Fonts of sadness escape

Aimless and sore

mist over the mind’s landscape

No longer protected by a drape.



Only one cure

Only one way to forget

To put aside and calm your mind

Move on, out of the net

By the seas and caressing wind

Angry Diamonds left behind.



Feb 2017

Marlene Farrugia rebels over university on ODZ land, fires warning –

Marlene Farrugia rebels over university on ODZ land, fires warning –

Long term Chaos for short term gain

Long term Chaos for short term gain

Deceitful comparisons

Deceitful comparisons

Well said Marlene. We need more MP’s with your level of loyalty, honesty & integrity if Malta is to move away from the current cesspit of corruption.

yet you are wasting your talents while on the Labour Ticket. Move on please and find a outfit that better reflects your policies.

Ban Hunting Outright

Ban Hunting outright…
Recently we filled in a signature form for Birdlife who are collecting signature to petition the Government to hold a referendum on Spring Hunting.
I think that should be amended to include all hunting, any time, anywhere..

Check this link – – tried to embed the post but it wouldn’t work.

Frogonaut’s Story

Frogonaut, whose real name is Anur Og (but don’t tell him I told you that, he’s a stickler for privacy is dear old ‘Oggy’), has had quite a turbulent life.

Always somewhat a loner, though not through design, he would often be seen gazing up into the sky with a wistful look of wonder etched in a dreamy manner onto his face. So much so that his fellow frogmates, the few that he had, would often consider him a nutcase but never actually told him so. He knew that though. He could see it in their eyes and in the way their skin and pores on their backs would quiver.

It bothered him that he was often times singled out, that he was always alone and even when with others he felt like an island, a fortress in his mind, surrounded by inanity and insanity. Though while he considered those around him as infantile, shallow and without any frogstance he still wanted to be accepted and to be a part of the school.

His main vexation was the fact that he could not hold down a relationship. All his frogmates had partners and were busy working towards producing their own schools… while old Oggy was left to gaze upwards and dream of cosmic leaps. But what could he do? He even developed a special type of ooze to secrete from the pores on his skin that was enticing, fragrant and extremely durable.

This is turning out to be much longer than I imagined, anyway, back to Anur and his whims..

This new ooze he developed didn’t seem to impress anyone, least of all his potential future Mrs Og. So he took to gazing and exploring more and more.

One day, while out on one of his explorations he had ventured much farther and to a much higher altitude than ever before and just as he was planning to turn back towards home, he had been getting rather worried as it was hot and dry and he had still not yet perfected his special ooze and wasn’t sure if it would offer him enough protection, he noticed a large group of humans going about one of their weird and numerous projects. They are always up to something them humans.

Now Anur didn’t really give one croak about humans at the best of times, they are bungling, large and ungainly buffoons who have squished a number of his mates under their smelly feet. Oh and what a whiff, enough to make any self-respecting frog want to leap to oblivion.

Well, back to the humans and their project. They seemed to be building a large rocket pointing straight up at the skies, those very skies that Anur spent most of his life gazing at. Curiosity got the better of him, and his worries left behind, leaped and bounced merrily down towards this rocket. Using the equipment that was strewn around and thanks to his small size, comparable to the humans that is, he managed to work his way towards and onto the rocket and began a long investigation of the thing. So engrossed in his adventure was he that he hadn’t noticed time passing and soon, well it seemed like just a moment ago that he was gazing down from the heights above, the sun began to set.

It had been a long and eventful day for him and he started to yawn croakily and his eyelids felt heavier than the biggest insect he had ever caught. So he looked around for a cosy place and lay back for a quick nap.

Lo and holy…. He is suddenly and rather rudely woken up by a massive roar and the world around him was vibrating violently. It took him a few moments to recall where he was but when it hit him it did so with such a whallop that he lost his balance that he fell from his perch on the rocket.

And that, my friends, is how Anur the Frogonaut came to photobomb Nasa’s image.


Are you out of your mind?

In a couple of days time Malta and Gozo go to to polls. We all are heading towards a crossroad (since Joseph Muscat seems to be so enamoured with roadmaps) and the direction which the country takes depends entirely on the outcome.

One thing that everyone must remember is that his/her vote will effect the whole country and generations to come, not just him or herself!

The labour camp are preaching a change of direction and many people seem to be falling for this rhetoric without looking around them and appreciating what they have….

Are you out of your mind?

Read this…
Scroll down to the Country Profiler section (page no. 53) and read that article. Read it all and tell me…. Why on earth would anyone want to change direction from that?

There are many other examples of why one should not change direction… the yearly recording breaking statistics in Tourism, the respect and praise heaped on Malta by leaders of countries with a much larger economy, the fact that, despite the fiscal turmoil the world over, Malta is on of the few nations in the Eurozone that has not gone under.

One of Labour’s recent Billboard campaigns used young successful people – people who have made a life and career for themselves thanks to the strong economic base and massive improvements in the Education system that the current Nationalist Government policies have brought about. These people in themselves are a massive endorsement of these policies.

And you want a change from that?


Look around you everyone… I don’t need to put everything here – it is around you all the time, everyday just open your eyes to the truth of the matter. Malta is in good shape and a change of direction will only harm Malta and destroy all the good that has been done, albeit sometimes painfully at times and with errors.

Why on earth do you want to change direction from what has proven to be so successful?

Think about it, think hard and think to the future. Malta does not need a change of direction, it needs a consolidation of all the good that has been done and a continuation of the direction we have been following.

I for one will be voting for continuation, for consolidation, for peace of mind that my future and that of the future generations of Maltese and Gozitans is in the competent and safe hands of Dr Gonzi and his team.