My daily Travels – to work (dramatised)

Its the crack of dawn, the sun shyly creeping up over the horizon almost apologetically, and with reason! How dare dawn come so soon! The alarm buzzes away and temptation to hit snooze is at its most deadly.. Yet I tumble out of bed and stagger toward the kitchen. An espresso later, ah the aroma,... Continue Reading →


End of an Era (so to speak)

A new life starts once the previous one ends... isn't that always how it goes. No matter how much you try, change happens in life and life can never stay simple and constant. However change happens. It can be a change for the better or a change for the worse (sadly that does happen), or... Continue Reading →

Ban Hunting Outright

Ban Hunting outright... Recently we filled in a signature form for Birdlife who are collecting signature to petition the Government to hold a referendum on Spring Hunting. I think that should be amended to include all hunting, any time, anywhere.. Check this link - - tried to embed the post but it wouldn't work.

Food for thought

I came across this Tweet from a contact of mine on Twitter which I find so true and poignant. Moreso after experiencing Tanzania and the simple yet happy lives they seem to lead there. Many of us are often too concerned with trying to improve our lot and as a result fail to enjoy what we... Continue Reading →

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