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My daily Travels – to work (dramatised)

Its the crack of dawn, the sun shyly creeping up over the horizon almost apologetically, and with reason! How dare dawn come so soon!

The alarm buzzes away and temptation to hit snooze is at its most deadly..

Yet I tumble out of bed and stagger toward the kitchen. An espresso later, ah the aroma, ah the feel of the hot sweet liquid as it flows down my throat, my thoughts graduate from simple monosyllabic “ugh ugh” grunts to something akin civilised human consciousness. Its almost as if the coffee marshalls and puts all the wayward neurons firing between my brain cells into orderly groups.

Human thought restored and a shower give me the courage to don my furs and pick up my weapons. I head out into the cold and windy wilderness in search of my trusty steed who is always lingering not far away. We head out towards our destination devising a roundabout route in order to avoid the enemy hoards clogging the passes to the east of us.

Navigating along a winding and twisted road we traverse across numerous luscious and green valleys ripe with all forms of flora, and probably countless critters scurrying below the undergrowth, we scale and crest mountains, high and windy, winds cold enough to chill ones bones through, we negotiate thick forests, dense and almost impassable forcing us to pick a tortured and meandering path. All along we encounter small parties of the enemy hoards, foraging parties, flank patrols or mere stragglers which we dispatch with ease causing us minimal delay.

Finally we break through, cresting atop a promontory, looking down towards our destination far below and barely visible in the haze. Is it the haze of battle or simply a morning haze? Our weary eyes cannot tell but trudge on we must.

We are almost there… but take heed!

The dangers of the journey are not over – with the last leg being just as tricky as all the rest of the journey as we, I and my trusty steed, must work our way through a further labyrinth of paths until we find the safe haven of our destination.

The epic journey to be repeated at the end of the day – if only I manage to find my trusty steed again!



A very busy evening today!

You can have those dreary quite evenings where the problems crop up because staff tend to get too bored and each second of the shift would seem to have taken an overdose of tranquilisers.


You can get a shift which is so totally overloaded with bookings that even the monitor seems to be bursting its seams.

At least, despite the overwhelming heat outside – recorded at 39c this afternoon – airconditioning is holding out and the atmosphere in Eden Super Bowl is really quite pleasant.

So here’s to a good evening’s work.