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Angry Diamonds

Easy isn’t it

Just say yes

And you’re done!

From there on you’re helpless

What seems good for one

Is very bad for some.



Though you cannot see them

There are vultures out there

listen to me I say

Stay on your guard and be aware

Don’t be taken in by the play

Keep them all at bay.



And remember this

Never let your guard down

It is easy to be distracted

The truth not always shown

A play of deceit enacted

And soon your shield is retracted.




Hidden away no more

Fonts of sadness escape

Aimless and sore

mist over the mind’s landscape

No longer protected by a drape.



Only one cure

Only one way to forget

To put aside and calm your mind

Move on, out of the net

By the seas and caressing wind

Angry Diamonds left behind.



Feb 2017


What a drag

What a drag! Getting sick in this heat of July and on my rare days off.

Spent the night doubled over with stomach pains and still in pain now. Funny thing is that apart from my stomach pains and damn loose stools I feel ok.

That is no consolation though. Its a crippling situation where the pains make it difficult to stand straight and makes you want to rush to the loo every time you feel the slightest bit of bowel movement.

Give me anything but stomach problems. A cold, flu, a massive headache, whatever but anything to do with the stomach.

Stomach pains are the worst thing life can throw at you. Stomach pains and heart brake.

Both are something you from you cannot find relief at any moment of the day, awake or asleep. They hound you and pound you until you are awake again and fully conscious of the pain.

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