Tomato Dish – the final product!

Ready for guzzling down like a glutten! Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


Starry Nights

Its been quite a hectic few days this past week. The worst of which being Tuesday due to some badly booked events at work which caused chaos for all concerned. Well, yesterday evening was the first time I managed to get to sit down and sort of exhale a breadth in leisure. It was about... Continue Reading →


Photoshop, the dark room of modern day digital photography is a tool indispensable to any photographer. While I admit the true and talented photographer should manage to capture the image intended at the time of shooting there still would be the minimum amount of cleaning up and adjusting required. And Photoshop offers the perfect tool... Continue Reading →

MIPP Photowalks – Bahrija, December 2011

The MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photographers) is a local organisation that organises events, talks and courses for photographers and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Although the Institute has 'Professional' in its title it is open to anyone who has an interest in photography, be it simply a hobby, someone who does it for... Continue Reading →

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