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Tomato Dish – the final product!

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Starry Nights

Its been quite a hectic few days this past week. The worst of which being Tuesday due to some badly booked events at work which caused chaos for all concerned.

Well, yesterday evening was the first time I managed to get to sit down and sort of exhale a breadth in leisure. It was about 11.00pm and I decided to sit down and enjoy the cool night air for a while out on the verandah which overlooks Iklin Valley. From this vantage point I can see as far as Gudja on a good day and at night there is a wide expanse of twinkling lights.

Tonight was no exception. A beautiful array of twinkling lights regaled me, the air was cool and there was a slight breeze, just enough to blow any pesky mosquito off track, and there was also a wonderful sky full of stars. Star gazing is defintely much better and more rewarding than navel gazing believe me and I did a good bit of star gazing last night.

The photo below doesn’t quite do the sky justice but you can get the idea… better still go out at night and do a bit of star gazing yourself. 🙂

Oh, well while I was playing around I also tried a bokeh shot.. you know, the effect of the out-of-focus areas in an image. Bokeh can produce some wonderful and

Bokeh all on ist own and in its colourful glory

pleasing results, but bokeh on its own is something very very different. Its not easy to get a shot that would be interesting and catchy that is bokeh alone and nothing but bokeh.

Check this out and tell me what you think:


Photoshop, the dark room of modern day digital photography is a tool indispensable to any photographer. While I admit the true and talented photographer should manage to capture the image intended at the time of shooting there still would be the minimum amount of cleaning up and adjusting required. And Photoshop offers the perfect tool for that.

It also offers the opportunity of taking your images a step further with the vast amount of options, tools, adjustments and so on and so forth that it offers. I doubt there is anyone in the entire photography world that knows and understands each and every possibility offered by the software. Possibly not even the creators themselves.

In my case, photoshop is practically a self-learned skill through many hours of online tutorials and trial and error – many hours of frustrating trial and error most often than not, but when an image falls into place and works out how I envisaged then the satisfaction is worth all those hours of frustration. The problem with this approach however is that more often than not I forget how I managed that effect. And that I blame on my basic photoshopping knowledge.

Therefore whenever I see a course that involves photoshop being rolled out by the MIPP I jump onto the truck and enroll (always depending on whether I manage to take the time off from work). Tomorrow I have one of these – a full day seminar organised by Kevin Casha – president of the MIPP and a wonderful photographer himself. It is a somewhat basic course but still it offers me the chance to brush up some of the most basic technics which always flummoxed me. Colour-space and sharpenning (the effect of these on the printed medium thereof) are just a couple to mention.

Well, here’s to tomorrow then and a long day of photoshop!


Photographers surely have heard of this website… a site loaded with some of the most stunning images I have ever seen.

I too have a small collection of images uploaded there but feel terribly humbled when I see the stratospheric level of quality of art and imagery posted there.

A couple of days ago I posted a link to a blog post by a certain Erica collecting some wonderful Street photographers together in one post. I spent hours browsing though the various portfolios and could feel the seed of want growing inside me. I want to try my hand at that genre on a more serious level than I have done so far.

And I will!

In the meantime feast your eyes on the collection of Street Photography on 500px (click on the image below)

500px Street Photography




It is an abstract take on a rack of billiard balls focusing on black and the dark side to produce an abstract image which highlights the pattern created by the reflection of the overhead lighting. The way the reflected lights line up reind me of runway lights or landing lights on some exotic and advanced spacecraft.

I would be curious, however, to learn what this image does for you? Do you see anything in particular that strikes you about this image or do you see it as lifeless and without any soul?

Eagerly awaiting all your comments. 🙂 now online

At the beginning of 2012 I made a lighthearted comment to Rick Vogelsang of Webrunner Design that after all thet time he has used our pc to check out website he has been building for clients it was high time he built one for me. Rick has designed some wonderful websites which you can view by accessing his link.

It was but a lighthearted comment but the very next day Rick popped in and showed me some work he had done the previous night… heck, I was blown away. Not only was I surprised that he actually took my comment seriously, but that he had something ready done up in such a short time. Ok, it was still a very basic set-up but that fact that there was something already done was impressive. We then set up and configured a hosting service for my site and Rick designed the new logo… great logo too..

I was truly impressed and quite eager to get it running. Well, that was at the beginning of 2012 – around March I believe. Unfortunately it took me a long time to get things sorted out and start uploading images and making minor adjustments to the site. And there is still more I would like to do… but its a start I suppose and now after uploading 5 or six collections and tweaking this here and tweaking that there and in the meantime getting rather frustrated as somethings just don’t tweak as they are supposed to tweak while others just suddenly dissapear for no apparent reason I fanally managed to get something more or less decent ready for publication.

Below is a screen shot of the landing page of my website – click on the image to be redirected to the website itself or go directly there by clicking on this link:

click me

A website full of stunning images – check it out

I would love to hear comments and suggestion about the website.