My Trip to SK & J No. 5

My Trip to Sk & J No. 5 I am currently riding the Shinkansen back to Fukuoka after a couple of fantastic days in Kyoto. I will get to Fukuoka & Kyoto later as I still have to describe my week in Busan. Busan! The second largest city, after Seoul, in South Korea. A fantastic... Continue Reading →


My Trip to SK & J No. 4

A quick post to describe the fantastic experience I booked through Airbnb. The experience was a visit to a local public bath house, something which is very much part of every Korean's lifestyle and something which the rest of the world could do with (though I doubt how much Malta would be adopt such.. the... Continue Reading →

My trip to South Korea & Japan – No1

Travels - Getting there... When planning the trip I did not want to be rushed at any point to avoid panic and all the mental stress and hassle that comes with it. I'm off on holiday so no stress, no rush... all cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ Flights were planned specifically, seating in flights also (due to my... Continue Reading →

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