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Marlene Farrugia rebels over university on ODZ land, fires warning – timesofmalta.com

Marlene Farrugia rebels over university on ODZ land, fires warning – timesofmalta.com.

Long term Chaos for short term gain

Long term Chaos for short term gain

Deceitful comparisons

Deceitful comparisons

Well said Marlene. We need more MP’s with your level of loyalty, honesty & integrity if Malta is to move away from the current cesspit of corruption.

yet you are wasting your talents while on the Labour Ticket. Move on please and find a outfit that better reflects your policies.


Finally some concrete action


About time something concrete is done about this Citizenship scam and try to limit the damage caused by the government.

The citizenship debacle – take 2

Why is Joseph Muscat so intent and determined to get this scheme going (errata – it is running already as bulldozed through parliament the first time and signed by our President) despite all the negativity it has created locally & globally?

I see it as one simple answer – he has no choice. He’s got his gollions in a spiked steel grip which will not let go unless the citizenship scheme is passed.

He needs it as the government does not have any other form of economic strategy devised to keep Malta afloat after creating a massive cabinet and numerous fictitious jobs and positions to fill.

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Cash for Citizenship

After a landslide win in the polls last March we’ve seen gaf after gaf from the government. Starting with the wholesale transfers and attempted transfers (CBM), new posts being created to accommodate those they wanted to ‘reward’, the totally inhuman treatment of the refugees caught on a ship when our PM refused them refuge here in Malta, countless of other gaffs on to the worst of all – the Cash for Citizenship scheme.

No mention was ever made of this scheme in the build up to the elections, now was it even obliquely referred to in its electoral manifesto. Thus the government was never given a mandate to forge ahead with the scheme. Forge ahead they did though, despite warnings from the opposition, despite the numerous amanedments tabled by the opposition and thanks to their unassailable 9-seat majority. They steam-rolled ahead with the half-baked scheme and immediately sent Malta spiralling downhill thanks to the worldwide negative publicity it caused.

Somehow, in their narrow-mindedness they convinced themselves and all their small-minded pawns that this negative publicity was all the fault of the opposition. Somehow they managed to forget and/or ignore the fact that the scheme was totally flawed from the start and that they refused to listen to the warnings from the opposition. Rather our hippocrite of a PM piped up, after realising that something must be at least seen to be done, that they are a government that listens and are ready to amend the scheme. That it was too late – the damage already done – was lost on the PM who sought another popular point with his claim that his was a ‘Gvern Li jisma’ (a government that listens) – a government that listened to its own voices until, and only when it was glaringly obvious, they realised they effed up big time and their wonderchild scheme didn’t quite go down as well as they thought.

What really gets at me in this whole saga is the blatant hypocrisy of the government’s position. When the Nationalist Party, then in government, began the talks on joining the European Union the PL, Joseph Muscat foremost among them, came up with all sorts of excuses and reasons why it would be wrong for Malta to join. One of these being that Malta would lose its identity, it’s sovreignity if it were to join the EU. Nothing of the sort happened obviously as the EU is not a big daddy dictatorship.

Yet, to sell our citizenship for hard cash and obsolutely no link to Malta or any for of ‘maintain & sustain’ type of investment is not an attack on our identity, our sovreignity?

Worst of all though is what has been beating around in my mind for a while now. This sale of citizenship thing relies on our status as a Member of the EU. Should the EU through their parliament vote tomorrow or some form of veto further down the line decide to limit the privileges of Malta’s EU membership or even kick Malta out then no third party individual would be interested in gaining Maltese citizenship – even if it is for the measly sum (as described by e german newspaper recently) of €650,000.

And Malta will end up with a big fat Zilch Nil!

Joseph Muscat smirkly commented that the scheme will bring in more than the 1.3 million Gonzi managed to negotiate with the EU.

And EU will tell him to go stuff it!


What a naive comment this is… and if people believe this they are just as if not more naive than the person making it!

If truly this were the reason it is one of the most ill-thought out and ill-conceived ideas ever.

Destroy Malta’s international reputation, with all the negative ramifications that come with that, for the short term quick buck and publicity act.

The mind boggles… truly it does.

Ghandi xi Nghid

Labour MP Marlene Farrugia today said that the controversial citizenship scheme was an effort by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to meet people’s expectations without raising taxes.

“In the rush to give the maximum back to the population in a short amount of time, the Prime Minister wanted to make a difference without raising taxes or the deficit,” Dr Farrugia said onGhandi xi Nghid on TVM.

“The scheme was introduced too soon, all consultation should have been carried out in depth. The Opposition had to be consulted more and consensus should have been sought straight away,” Dr Farrugia continued.

The backbench MP said that she was “hurt” by the media reports portraying Malta in a bad light over the scheme, but said that the fact that Dr Muscat is now willing to listen and discuss the scheme has “redeemed” her faith in him.

Dr Farrugia said that the scheme should…

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Are you out of your mind?

In a couple of days time Malta and Gozo go to to polls. We all are heading towards a crossroad (since Joseph Muscat seems to be so enamoured with roadmaps) and the direction which the country takes depends entirely on the outcome.

One thing that everyone must remember is that his/her vote will effect the whole country and generations to come, not just him or herself!

The labour camp are preaching a change of direction and many people seem to be falling for this rhetoric without looking around them and appreciating what they have….

Are you out of your mind?

Read this… http://www.lhm-lounge.de/downloads/standardbeitrag/595961/lh_1303_inter.pdf
Scroll down to the Country Profiler section (page no. 53) and read that article. Read it all and tell me…. Why on earth would anyone want to change direction from that?

There are many other examples of why one should not change direction… the yearly recording breaking statistics in Tourism, the respect and praise heaped on Malta by leaders of countries with a much larger economy, the fact that, despite the fiscal turmoil the world over, Malta is on of the few nations in the Eurozone that has not gone under.

One of Labour’s recent Billboard campaigns used young successful people – people who have made a life and career for themselves thanks to the strong economic base and massive improvements in the Education system that the current Nationalist Government policies have brought about. These people in themselves are a massive endorsement of these policies.

And you want a change from that?


Look around you everyone… I don’t need to put everything here – it is around you all the time, everyday just open your eyes to the truth of the matter. Malta is in good shape and a change of direction will only harm Malta and destroy all the good that has been done, albeit sometimes painfully at times and with errors.

Why on earth do you want to change direction from what has proven to be so successful?

Think about it, think hard and think to the future. Malta does not need a change of direction, it needs a consolidation of all the good that has been done and a continuation of the direction we have been following.

I for one will be voting for continuation, for consolidation, for peace of mind that my future and that of the future generations of Maltese and Gozitans is in the competent and safe hands of Dr Gonzi and his team.